Camper Vans / Motorhomes

It would appear most campers now weigh over the 3.5 tonnes limit that generally applies to car licences obtained since January 1997.
If you intend to drive a camper over the 3.5 limit you will need C1 entitlement on you licence.

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Gain Your C1 Licence & Get on the Road

If you have ‘acquired rights’ or grandfather rights’ having passed your car tests prior to January 1997 you will have entitlement up to 7.5 tonnes and therefore does not apply.

To gain the C1 licence you will need to follow the following procedure.

  • Provisional Licence acquisition, you will need a doctors medical to apply for this.
  • Theory tests, multiple choice, and hazard perception.
  • Driver training, reverse test, and practical driving test.

We hold medicals at our centre weekly, this is a basic medical which most fit persons would not have a problem with.

Training is carried out by our DVSA registered instructors using 5 tonne Ford Transit vehicles, making it an easy and enjoyable process. Usually over two days 1:1 and no time sharing with others.

If you want to tow a trailer over the 750 kgs limit, you can take the C1+E training and test and gain the licence for both at the same time.

The whole process from start to finish, licence application to training course is approximately 6 – 10 weeks dependant on DVLA and DVSA theory test appointments which can’t be booked until you receive your provisional entitlement.

Driver training centre makes the journey an easy, enjoyable experience enabling you to then drive your vehicle competently and legally without any further worries.

Part of the training course includes reversing practice to pass the 3a reversing test prior to taking your practical driving test.

If you have any further questions about the C1 licence, please contact our office, a member of staff will be pleased to help.


To book your course please call 01424 432200

Driver Training Centre based in Hastings, East Sussex are proud of our pass rates which are well above the national average.

Why Choose Us For Your C1 Licence?

  • 40 + Years of Training Expertise
  • Modern Fleet of Vehicles
  • We Are Not Brokers
  • Members of the National HGV Training Network
  • We are Next Door to DVSA Driving Test Centre and are DVSA Accredited

Our Driver Training Courses

HGV Training

We are a professional, accredited Transport Training Centre catering for all categories of licence requirements. Approved DVSA Test Centre for all tests. Comfortable, easy to drive vehicles, make the whole training experience very enjoyable, DVSA accredited off road manoeuvring and test area. A fully equipped training centre to cater for every transport training requirement.

Driver CPC Training

35 hrs of Periodic Training is required to maintain licence compliance. Training can be taken in blocks of seven hours or as an intensive course.

Towing & Caravans

We offer C1+E, D1+E towing courses for all categories of vehicles, Horse-box Owners, Cargo Trailers and of course Caravans.

Minibus Training D1

If you drive for hire and reward you will need to gain PCV entitlement. Hire and reward does not mean if you take fares for any journey, it means if you are paid to drive the minibus or bus as part of your duties. We serve Sussex, Kent and further afield with PCV training.

Ambulance Driver Training

We have vehicles specifically for the purpose of training ambulance drivers. To Become an ambulance driver you will need a minimum of a C1 licence due to the weight of the vehicle you will be driving. When an ambulance is loaded with equipment and patients it often falls between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes.

Fork Lift Truck Training

Accredited training is available for all categories of Lift Truck Machines and Equipment to cover the requirements of the approved Code of Practice
and Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Trucks.

Campervans & Motorhomes

Training is carried out by our DVSA registered instructors using 5 tonne Ford Transit vehicles, making it an easy and enjoyable process. Usually over two days 1:1 and no time sharing with others.

Horsebox Training

We offer towing courses for all categories of vehicles, C1, D1, Horseboxes, Plant Trailers, Caravans and Others.

To book your Motorhome C1 Training course

What Customers Say About Our Driver Training

Based on 111 reviews
Diverse H.
Hi I would just like to say a big thank you from me Steven to the team at driver training centreI was duped into a online service that said they was the best training center in the with the highest pass rate they would deliver the high standards for just over £3000 and told me this was a cheap price for what I was entering the wasn’t a training centre they was a broker and a complete lie .i did complete my test and final test at Guildford but wasn’t trained correctly so unfortunately I payed this broker company this vast amount of money to do a HGv class 1. Once I signed up I was sent miles 2hours from where I live to do my driving lessons I got put through my paces in HGv 1 vehicles that broke down every day the trainers fell asleep they was on there phone all the time not paying any attention to what I was doing I felt like I was on driving experience and just going through the motions and not teaching me I passed my reversing test that wasn’t trained correctly just got told what to do then told me I passed and this was even put 1 year out of date ( which I didn’t notice at the time) so it wasnt worth the paper it was written on. I also failed my 1st practical test with this out of date reversing test that wasn’t legal to even sit a practical test with as it was 1 year out of date at the Guildford test centre which i completely would not recommend as the examiner there didn’t do his job correctly from the start as my reversing test was out of date and should not have been aloud to even take test. I felt completely let down and duped I was confused with the examiner who didn’t do his job correctly from the start I felt I was set up to fail from the off and this cost me over £3000I was totally depressed over this situation I was put in and couldn’t do nothingI then proceeded to find a local training centre and didn’t know there was one in Hastings so I contacted driver training centre and popped along to see them as I was really worried about spending vast amount again after popping along I was extremely impressed with there professional set up there training service is the best and exactly what I thought I was getting the first time round they retrained me in my reversing which was done to a high standard as with this training I passed the correct way it was difficult but I passed with there height standards of training what I done before was awful I would not have passed this without there training as I had to be retrained correctly and the practical training was amazing there trainers are well experienced and I learned so much and after there help I passed it allThe test examiner in Hastings was a true examiner was totally professional not like the first one I had checked all my credentials correctly and made me feel comfortable on the testMy recommendation to everyone in Sussex/ Kent area is don’t use online training centres or brokersUse the driver training centre hasting great prices true competent trainers and a truly professional set up and if I used them first of all I would have save a lot of time and moneyThank you very much you truly are professionals
Passed class 1 first time. Highly recommended, absolutely the best company around for all your driver training needs. Amazing staff with guidance that is second to none.
Martyn B.
Great bunch of guys very knowledgeable, the training is top notch.
Andy B.
highly recommend DTC just passed my class 1 with them great training and advice made the learning easy with there calm attitudes big thanks to Gary and Jim.
Monika P.
I only did the D1 license I.e. minibuses up to 16 seats. The instructors were very friendly and helpful.
Matt 1.
Steve U.
The team at DTC are fantastic! No question about it. I'll be back for more training very soon. No need to look elsewhere. Thanks very much, fellas. Highly recommended.
Danu A.
Big thanks to Driver Training Centre!Gary, Jim, and Brian were incredible mentors throughout my C+E training. Brian's patience and friendship made the 3-day course unforgettable. With their help, I passed my test with flying colors. Highly recommend DTC!
Ollie S.
Done my class 2 training and test here and the and Gary, Brian and Jim were great and very helpful guys. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Cheers guys!
Tony R.
I can't praise Gary, Jim and Brian enough. Right from the beginning of booking my C1 course to taking my test they have been ever so helpful. With there expertise I managed to pass first time with no problems. Would highly recommend to anyone !!! Thank you again.
Graham T.
Top work to these guys, took any nerves away and passed first time.couldn't recommend them enough.many thanks to Jim ,Gary and Brian
Richard M.
A massive thank you to Gary, Brian and Jim for training me for my CAT C licence the training was great! Thanks to your training I passed first time. I highly recommend these guys for all your driver training needs!
luke J.
Excellent training and really good guys! Very knowledgeable! Done my class 1 with these guys and passed first time with only one minor.. would highly recommend!!
Oliver G.
The driver training centre took me through my C1. The training was detailed, thorough and took me through all the elements of the test. They prepared me well and I passed first time. Would very much recommend.
Passed class 2 first time after a 2 day one to one training course excellent team
Charlotte S
I was recommended to Driver Training Centre and for good reason! Gary, Jim and Tony are all great!The training is one-to-one and bespoke to your own needs - adding extra time where you need it, breaks where you need it and pointers where you need them. Jim was marvellous as an instructor, being patient and taking the time to ensure he was training a great driver. Gary was helpful with what I needed when booking and arranging the admin. DTC arranged (and rearranged when it was necessary) my test, which I passed first time thanks to these guys expertise.
Arthur B.
Had my class 1 course with these guys, and as an experienced class 2 driver I have too say these guys do go the extra mile super helpful and friendly with years of experience, was trained by Jim on this occasion , would highly recommend Gary and his amazing team
Tom P.
Knowledge experienced and honest trainers. That will definitely get you ready for your test! Would highly recommend.
Isaac D.
Excellent experience from start to finish. Gary is really friendly and all the trainers are very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. Had a great time training and passed first time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Thanks again 👍
Would definitely recommend DTC to anyone, big thanks to Brian, Jim and Gary. I had Brian as my instructor and he made me feel comfortable straight away, he used his experience and knowledge to help me overcome any issues I had whilst learning. I went from having never driven a lorry before, to passing my C + E license in 5 days.
Wilf B.
DTC were excellent in getting me through my C1 licence. Gary was really helpful and prompt in sorting all the admin stuff out and Jim was an brilliant instructor who managed to get me through into my test with zero faults.
Marlon B.
Would just like to say how amazing this place has been for me, from Gary setting me up to getting me started.I had Jim as my instructor, he took me from nervous to confident in little less than an hour with him he knew exactly what I needed to pass my test I cannot thank these guys enough, today I passed so thank you very much lads keep up the amazing work you do! 👌🏻
Rosie W.
Highly recommend DTC in Hastings.Brian and Jim are excellent instructors, they really teach you how to drive HGVs, not just enough to pass, but to actually be good at it once you've passed too.Thanks to Gary for facilitating it all, and for making sure everything is photocopied :D :p
Look, to level up in life, you need a goal. Set that goal to HGV but have a back-up plan just incase the dream is not yours. Moving from small vehicle to a truck is daunting but once you tame the beast and iron out the fear its the most exhilarating feeling. A level head and a calm attitude under pressure is essential. Get your turning angles and space predictions down to a tee. Your gonna need people who are expert's in the sector with years of experience to listen to and learn from. That's where Hastings Driver Training comes in. These guys have the dedication, years of experience, calm nature to get anyone up from beginner level to top level in however long you require. They treat you like a human being, which is remembered long after. The center is as great, fitted out kitchen for all to use, its wheelchair friendly, electronically fitted with presentation equipment for lessons and plenty of rooms for multiple levels of student learning. Gary, Jim and Brian Took me from zero to Class 1 hero!!! Just remember......CHECK YOUR MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!CHECK YOUR MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!CHECK YOUR MIRRORS!!!!!!!!!!I'm a Class 1 Driver Yeehaa!!! 😅Thanks guys!!!
Rikki N.
Gary Brian and Jim I can’t praise you three men enough, the training you give is outstanding ,I’m a very nervous female and you made me completely at ease with all your training you gave me it was very professional and very well put together plus the way you made me feel so comfortable with all the lovely chats … I’ll be doing my HGV class one hopefully at sometime in the future and there is no place I would go other than this place. I highly recommend it. They are all one in 1 million guys there’s not many places like this. X
Adam S.
Just passed my hgv with these guys... today actually. The company I work for have used them before. So they have to be good and they are. Would definitely recommend.
mr D.
HGV Cat 2:No nonsense but friendly. Highly experienced tutors who won't mollycoddle you but are very encouraging and patient.The theme is nobody DESERVES a licence just by turning up, but if anybody can get you to the point of being ready these guys can. You just have to bring the dedication.They won't give you any BS about your talents OR your shortcomings. Just as well considering some of the vehicles we will be driving.Personally, I highly recommend and will be returning for the Cat 1 training.R. Carter.
lee M.
Excellent trainers, very skilled and knowledgeable. Highly recommend
lee G.
I completed a 2 day 1-2-1 HGV class 2 training course with Jim. His style of instruction was clear, concise and honest.Unfortunately I did not pass first time due to an error on my behalf, however I went back today and passed.My whole experience was great and Gary, Brian and Jim are all helpful. Recommended.
Ken A.
Fantastic support from Driver Training Centre and passed my C+E test with them. Following a test drive the trainer, Brian, helped to identify areas for development and focus on these to prepare for the test. He provided calm, helpful guidance and was good at letting you learn - not telling you how to drive.
Neil A.
After having problems with another company I was doing my HGV training through I contacted the Driving training centre who were helpful and supportive from the start, their professionalism, knowledge and experience is absolutely astounding and gave me the training that ultimately got me through the practical driving test.A big thank you to Gary and Jim. For anyone looking to get their HGV license I would 100% recommend using them.
Ben J.
Excellent team, Very calm throughout training and very easy to get along with. Brilliant training company. Special thanks to Brian!
Nathan A.
Great help getting me from car to C+E in a matter of days! Big thanks to Jim, my instructor, and Brian for being super helpful along the way and ultimately getting me passed first-time with minimal minors!
Hamish S.
Very friendly staff and a high standard of tuition. Excellent study resources as well. Very pleased with the service.
Konrad K.
Amazing driving school. I would like to to say a BIG THANK YOU ! I passed the first time. Thank you very much for your professional approach and time.
Leo P.
I recently took Minibus D1 licence training, successfully passing my theory and practical tests first time as a result of the knowledgeable and supportive training I received. My thanks to Gary, Brian and Jim for their tips, guidance and first class training, which ensured I was well-prepared when it came to testing time. Friendly and helpful service... I'm a happy customer.
Toby R.
Really knowledgeable instructors with loads of experience and effective and adaptable teaching styles. After I first got behind the wheel of an HGV I thought there was no way I could pass my test without weeks of training and then three days later I passed it on my first try.Don't waste your time going anywhere else, these guys will sort you out.
Olivia P.
The best HGV training centre! I went to them after having failed my first test at another centre that i had been sent to by an agency. Gary was brilliant, super efficient and got me booked in for training and another test straight away. Jim was my instructor and he was so calm and really knew his stuff. He managed to iron out my bad habits, sort out my confidence and get me test ready in a very limited amount of time (4 hours of training) as i had already spent a lot of money at the other centre where i failed so couldn't afford to do a whole course again. Couldn't recommend enough! Thanks Gary and Jim :)
Tash L.
Thank you to Jim for his excellent training and support to get me through my C1. Everyone was super friendly and my recommendation to a friend led to another successful C1 too!
J W.
Top notch. Helped settle my nerves and taught me a lot. 5/5 would recommend.
Thank you to Gary for squeezing me in at short notice when I had a deadline to meet. Brian and Jim, I can't thank you enough. Through all the nerves, you were both so supportive and got me through my C1 with your wealth of knowledge and expertise. I'd recommend these guys to anyone.
Steve M.
Highly recommended. Instructors, Brian and Jim have a wealth of experience between them and you really could not hope to meet a nicer pair of guys. I went from terrified "Newbie" to passing my C+E in just one week, thanks to their patience, experience, and understanding. If you listen to what they tell you and soak up all that knowledge, there's a very good chance you will too.
Toby K.
Jim was my instructor. He was really patient, calm and had great knowledge. I passed my class 2 first time with no minors. I'm going to do my C+E with them next. Friendly and helpful team at DTC would highly recommend.
Tom H.
Jim, Brian and Gary are absolutely great guys and very knowledgeable. I had Jim as my instructor and could not praise him enough, he kept everything simple and explained everything very well.Great atmosphere and willing to go the extra mile. 100% would recommend them to anyone looking to get their licence or CPC.Massive thank you to you all.
I did my CPC course and class 2 (c) with them 3 years ago and just booked my class 1 ( c+e) with them for the next available slot.
Geoffrey W.
Gary, Jim and Brian all know their stuff. Had 2 days training and then my test. Very thorough and I got a pass with only 2 faultsDefinitely recommend these guys if you want your HGV C/C+E
Calum I.
Needed my C1 done at short notice and they managed to book me in the same week. Friendly guys there who were all welcoming. 1-1 driving with Jim was laid back and enjoyable. Can’t fault anything with the service.
Aaron C.
Great company and great group of guys to help with your courseStarted my course 16/5/22 and passed the driving test first time on the 18/5/22Jim was calm as they come to help and share his knowledge and all the experience he hasKeeps everything simple and explains alot of ways to make it easier for youBut cant fault anything from any of the guys who are hereEveryone was 10/10And everything was simple from booking in my course to passing the testHighly recommendA+++++10/10
James C.
Highly recommend, good teachers that are friendly. Able to help me pass first time
A huge thank you to the team of the Driver Training Centre, especially to my driving instructors, Brian and Jim. They had a huge role in helping me to pass my minibus test on the first attempt .They're very professional, thorough and friendly. Keep up the good work gentlemen!
rob C.
I had a great experience using Driver Training Centre from the moment I picked up the phone to book my training. I explained I needed to complete a C1 LGV licence for my new job in the Ambulance service and that I had a fairly tight time schedule to complete this.The guys in the office gave me all the information I needed, and booked my medical, which driver training centre do in house, which made it quick and simple. Once I had passed my Theory test, Driver Training Centre fitted in my training and booked my test for as soon after training as possible.I can't thank the whole team enough for all their efforts, but special thanks go out to Brian, an amazing instructor. Very down to earth with many years experience and a calm nature, his way of teaching made learning the new techniques needed really enjoyable.I managed to pass my LGV C1 first time with the help from Brian and Jim.If you are thinking about doing any type of licence, I couldn't recommend this company enough. Quality from start to finish.
George E.
The best driving school, i pass today my class 2 licence with Driver Training Centre Hastings. Very nice staff and knowledgeable. Thank you Gary, Brian and Jim for all your support. Highly recommended.
matt S.
I can’t rate these guys enough!! Just completed my class 1 and it was a great experience from the day I started. Had jim as my instructor and can’t say a bad word about him. Would highly recommend to anyoneThanks guys
Tony W.
Absolutely first class! Excellent facilities and brilliant instructors. Cannot recommend the DTC too highly.
Luke D.
Such a good experience using Driver Training Centre, Gary was spot on with everything from the beginning. My instructor Jim was amazing, I appreciate everything he put into helping me pass my Cat C licence first time. He's was as calm as they come in all areas, a man thats very good at his job.It's a really well ran business and I recommend it to everyone that's willing to learn. Thanks guys.
Jamie P.
I drove a HGV for the first time on Monday and I passed my test on Friday! I can't recommend the DTC team enough. The friendly atmosphere and camaraderie makes for a great learning environment. Jim was my instructor, I followed his expert advice and guidance and now I have my license. I'm chuffed to bits! Thank you guys.
Brian V.
Brian got me through training to pass my Cat C first time!.Such a Great down to earth man who's vast knowledge of truck driving and life skills enabled me to enjoy the experience of learning to drive a Lorry.So Cool and relaxed in the cab it was easy to settle down and learn.Absolute Legend and I'm eternally grateful to you Sir.
James H
Massive thank you to the team, garry was helpful throughout. Brian was my main trainer and i found him brilliant, really helpful and made me feel confortable driving. Jim is also great, again so helpful and really knows his stuff. I passed my class 2 first time with these guys help so a massive thank you for your time. Overall a great experience and would highly recommend hastings driver training center.
Kieron B.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with DTC in Hastings. My instructor Jim is a credit to the industry and gave me valuable knowledge to pass this course. I gained so much from the team at DTC and would recommend them everytime. Worth every penny I spent with them and they gave me more back. You guys are Amazing 👏 thank you
Joni Bianca W.
Highly recommend, great service all round. Gary was extremely helpful right from the beginning providing me with all the information I needed to obtain my theory test and provisional C1 licence, including access to online training.Jim was a fantastic instructor; I passed my practical test after only 12 hours training with him. In that time he taught me all I needed to know, explaining everything very well. Fabulous team. Thank you all.
andrew O.
Amazing staff very professional great communication very very happy with everything
Everyone wanting to train to drive a LGV class 1 or 2 needs to enquire at the driver training centre as everyone is patient, knowledgable and was a breath of fresh air over the previous instructor I had from a previous company. Very professional and thorough, highly recommended
Dylan B.
A very professional, well organized and comprehensive service which made my whole experience from start to finish brilliant. I received category C training from Brian, his experience and insights helped teach me everything I needed to know in order to drive a HGV safely, efficiently and to be able to pass the test. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to add a new qualification to their driving license.
Sam C.
Done my B+E test with them today good friendly and efficient and I passed first time
JET “A” W.
Krzysztof W.
Very friendly staff and very good teachers. Highly recommend. Kris
Josie C.
Passed my trailer test first time. Lovely bunch of guys, really helpful and professional!
Carl S.
I would Highly recommend this company they gave me plenty of knowledge and confidence to take on my test thank you
Big thank you to Jim excellent instructor a big thank you to the old boy on the office you were legend! 👌
Odette O.
Passed my B E trailer test first time with these guys I was so nervous about doing it, but finally booked it from the moment I arrived Gary and the team were very welcoming which instantly made me relax, Brian was brilliant teaching me, everything made sense never felt flustered or panicked, all very calm and set me up perfectly for my test really recommend these guys especially if you lack a bit of confidence. Many thanks
Pavol S.
Very professional, friendly, very high standards, I passed my HGV first time, highly reccomend.
Toni L
Did my C1. Both Gary and Jim were brilliant! Excellent tuition, very friendly and patient. Really helped me through the whole process. Highly recommended!
Paul A.
If anyone is looking to complete their B&E test, this is the place to get it done. Gary and his team were fantastic. Jim was patient and professional . I drove all the way from London for my lesson and the test and so glad i did. I can not recommend the Driver Training Centre enough!!! Thanks a million guys!
James G.
Excellent instructors ,professional,friendly and knowledgeable,passed first time would definitely recommend
Gerard N.
My wife and myself had a half day each refresher training on towing as we are getting a caravan, and although we have driven for 45 years, had never towed anything before ! Our instructor Brian was brilliant - very calm, reassuring, patient and friendly. He gave us time to get to grips with reversing and the drive on the roads was excellent. Will definitely be recommending them to anyone who wants a refresher or to get a licence. Thanks again to Brian and Gary.
darron J.
A very professional service. Instruction and advice was of the highest standard. Help on hand if needed. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you gents
good people with great instructors would highly recommend.
Justin M.
Passed my lgv test first time around brilliant Company nice people well recommended
kyle C.
Keith V.
Great training, passed first time. Highly recommended!
Naomi R.
I phoned these guys last minute as I had problems with another company. They were so accommodating and although a little more expensive, were able to fit me in the next day!Their approach made me feel so confident and reassured.I was able to take my test within the week of contacting them and passed first time.Lovely company, highly recommended!
Ben de H.
Jim was a great instructor and I passed my trailer test with no minors after a day of training. The course is thorough and well organised with plenty if time to practice. I highly recommended the Driver Training Centre.
Nick H.
I cant rate the team here highly enough - all the current Covid 19 procedures are all adhered to and the team made me feel very welcomed and safe. Tony was great, he put me right on where i went wrong and told me when i did something right. If you're looking to get any type of license this is your best starting point - these guys got me through my HGV Class 1 in 1 1/2 days having not driven an HGV for 10 years !!
Jordan G.
Excellent trainers, really friendly, great knowledge and made the experience enjoyable. Thoroughly recommend!
Chris B.
With excellent training skills. Jim and Brian were absolutely brilliant knew what they were doing and very friendly too. Passed my trailer license today first time. Thanks too them all at DRIVER TRAINING CENTRE. Will be recommending these to everybody I know. For cars to class 1 s.
Joseph W.
Friendly staff and I feel very comfortable. many thanks
Benn C.
Done my hgv with these guys, they where really helpful very friendly environmentFrom front desk to my trainer jim,who was excellent, would highly recommend to anyone thinking of going down this route!
Simon C.
Did my B+E Trailer training with Mark which was superb and booking was all very easy with Paula. Thoroughly recommend the Driver Training Centre
Hugh D.
Great driving instructors with easy tuition. Highly recommend for your trailer towing lessons!
christine P.
Everyone was really helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone
Louisa S.
Just passed my B+E trailer test first time, with no minors - very pleased!! A great bunch of folks that helped me get through the test with confidence. Like many of us, we have been driving for years so going back to 'driving school' can be daunting! Jim made me feel comfortable and explained all aspects of the test to me clearly so I felt completely ready on the day. Paula is great in the office, very patient with arranging dates and times around work schedules and all the staff are very knowledgeable I would really recommend these guys!
Andrew C.
Great tution and Great company. I would definitely recommend them.Thank you Brian for your training!
Adam H.