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Can I Tow a Trailer?


If this is all a little too much and you are confused give us a call and we will ask a few questions and tell you exactly what you need.

This all depends on when you passed your driving test and also the weight of your vehicle and the trailer / caravan being towed.

If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you can drive a vehicle up to 3,500kg and tow normal caravans and trailers as the B+E category was included when you took your test.  However the trailer being towed must be within the towing limit of the towing vehicle.

If you passed your test on or after the date 1st January 1997 and before 19th January 2013 things get more complex as the test only covered category B which means you can drive the following under a normal car licence but must pass an additional test to gain a B+E licence.

  1. Drive a vehicle up to 3,500kg ( Maximum Authorised Mass )
  2. Tow trailers more than 750kg if the combined weight of trailer and car is less than 3,500kg
  3. Tow a trailer up to 750kg

If you passed your Cat B+E on or after the 19th January 2013
If you passed your B+E test on or after this date you will have to take a further test for category C1+E which covers medium-sized goods vehicles with trailers.

Can I Tow a Caravan?

Again your entitlement to tow a caravan varies and depends on when you passed your test see the above regulations.

How Long Does Training Take

This is dependent on the drivers experience and ability but an average course is one session that offers general driving + reversing skills brush up. The test is not just about reversing, it is similar to your car driving test but with a trailer attached. Your test will be carried out in your own vehicle so this reduces the time that can be taken up by getting used to new vehicles and enables you to demonstrate previously acquired driving skills. We supply trailers and ancillary equipment required.

Trailer Training & Towing Courses

We offer trailer training & caravan towing courses across Sussex & Kent to assist you in gaining your trailer licence.
We offer B+E, C1+E, D1+E and Caravan Towing Training.

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Qualification Guide
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Arrange training with DTC.
Driving licences will have provisional entitlement already, B+E
No theory tests required
Check tow bar and electrics are working correctly.
Spare oblong number plate required for trailer
DVSA test is arranged for you

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35 hours of Periodic Training is now required by all LGV & PCV drivers every five years to continue driving professionally.

Take Your Trailer Test Next Door

Your towing test is conducted by the DVSA Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency, the same agency you took your car driving licence with.

We are located right next door to the DVSA test centre in Ivyhouse Lane, Hastings so you couldn’t be in a better situation from training to test!

We have a fully equipped and purpose built training centre that includes manoeuvring facilities and air conditioned classrooms for any in house theory that might be part of your training.

Why Choose Us For Your Driver Training?

Modern Fleet of Vehicles

Our modern fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained, comfortable, easy to drive, and make licence acquisition a pleasure.

Quality Tuition

Our fully qualified Instructors will ensure you receive quality tuition for all categories of training.

Ideally Situated

Driver Training Centre is situated next door to the DVSA driving test centre at Hastings and provides easy access for any tests.Driver Training Centre has the resources and experience to deliver our customers requirements.