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Caravanning in the UK has been and still is, very popular. Many people purchase a caravan with thoughts of travelling the country far and wide without knowing that to tow a caravan you may very well need to have an additional entitlement on your driving license.

You will need to complete a test if you passed your initial driving test on or after 1st January 1997.

Driver Training Centre based in Hastings, East Sussex offers caravan towing courses for all categories of vehicles, Horse-box Owners, Cargo Trailers and of course caravans. We are proud of our pass rates which are well above the national average.

Caravans fall within a certain weight class so therefore if you pass your caravan towing test then you will be entitled to tow cargo trailers and horse-boxes as long as they are not over the allowed weight limits.

Understanding How the Categories Are Determined

People undertaking the caravan towing course are usually after a B+E License, It is all about the weight of the tow.

Category B+E

This license entitles a driver who earned the entitlement on or after the 19th January 2013 to use vehicles and trailers up to a total weight of 3,500kg. Anyone who obtained their licence earlier than that date can tow heavier weights, these are based on maximum authorised mass (MAM)

MAM is the total amount of weight when combining a trailer with all of its cargo. See more information here under section Category BE for a better understanding of allowed towing weights.

Car Trailer Test – How to Get a Caravan Towing License

So unless you passed your test before 1st January 1997 you need to complete the UK car and trailer test in order to get your B+E entitlement. The test takes approx 90 minutes and has three components.

Reversing Manoeuvre

You will be tested on a closed course at a testing area.

On-Road Driving

You are taken out on the road by your examiner for approx. 1 hour of real driving.

Vehicle Safety Questions

You will be asked a series of vehicle safety-related questions that require verbal, and physical demonstrations.

As you would expect your examiner will be watching and listening closely and recording any faults you may make during your test. Our caravan courses are designed to make sure you receive the training and give you the confidence to successfully pass your test.

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Just passed my B+E trailer test first time, with no minors – very pleased!!  A great bunch of folks that helped me get through the test with confidence. Like many of us, we have been driving for years so going back to ‘driving school’ can be daunting!  Jim made me feel comfortable and explained all aspects of the test to me clearly so I felt completely ready on the day. Paula is great in the office, very patient with arranging dates and times around work schedules and all the staff are very knowledgeable  I would really recommend these guys!

JB, East Sussex

Did my B+E Trailer training with Mark which was superb and booking was all very easy with Paula. Thoroughly recommend the Driver Training Centre

MS, East Sussex

Great driving instructors with easy tuition. Highly recommend for your trailer towing lessons!

CM, East Sussex

Passed B+E test first time, thanks to great training from Brian. Highly recommend.

KH, East Sussex

Very happy with the driver training centre, staff are very helpful and down to earth people. they got me through my B+E trailer test and passed first time.

RM, East Sussex

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Why Choose Us For Your Driver Training?

Modern Fleet of Vehicles

Our modern fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained, comfortable, easy to drive, and make licence acquisition a pleasure.

Quality Tuition

Our fully qualified Instructors will ensure you receive quality tuition for all categories of training.

Ideally Situated

Driver Training Centre is situated next door to the DVSA driving test centre at Hastings and provides easy access for any tests.Driver Training Centre has the resources and experience to deliver our customers requirements.