35 hrs of Periodic Training is required to maintain licence compliance. Training can be taken in blocks of seven hours or as an intensive course.


DCPC Course Prices

5 days only £399 including training, vat, jaupt data upload fees
Individual days £99 inc although customers can take advantage of the 5 day course rate by booking ahead and then take them as they wish.

Module 4 Practical Training & Test all in a day £ 295.00

We Are the the Largest Driver CPC Provision in the South

We now have four classrooms equipped for 20 people !

Next Driver DCPC Course 9th Sept 2019

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Driver CPC Training Sussex & Kent

Driver Training Centre can now offer Module 4 Practical Demonstration Tests in-house at our Hastings Training Centre.

You have the choice of 1 day at a time or you can complete the full 35 hours as an intensive DCPC course.

All training is conducted in our purpose built fully air conditioned classrooms on site, although you have to attend this training as a legal requirement, you may as well do it in comfortable surroundings and enjoy the experience!

You may be offered training by other providers that can only be booked on odd dates because they have to get numbers to arrange a hall or other meeting venue. We can offer any dates any time!

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Driver CPC Module 4 Practical Demonstration Tests

Attention Cat C1 7.5 ton Vehicle Drivers

If you have held a car licence before January 1997 and continue to drive ‘Professionally’ for a living, you WILL need to take:

  • Module 2 Theory Test Case studies
  • Module 4 Vehicle Practical Demonstration Test

To maintain the acquired rights and continue driving 7.5 ton vehicles professionally!

New LGV / HGV Category C Drivers

Are required to take the Modules 2 and 4 as part of the licence acquisition process.

Driver Training Centre can now offer Module 4 Practical Demonstration Tests in-house at our Hastings Training Centre.

Training and Testing is available all on the same day, so there is now NO waiting for test dates as we can arrange to suit your requirements!

Our comprehensive ‘Training Packages’ includes online theory test training for Module 2 Case Studies, you will be given a ‘user name’ and ‘password’ to enable you to login to our website and practice and prepare for the theory test that can be booked at a DVSA centre closest to your home address, we will then arrange the practical test at our Centre.

Ideally situated for CPC Courses Hastings, Eastbourne, Ashford & Maidstone

DCPC Training – Course Information

What is driver CPC?

The driver Certificate of Professional Competence (driver CPC) was introduced in 2008 for passenger carrying vehicles and 2009 for all Freight and Lorry drivers.

It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and maintaining high standards within the transport industry.

What is periodic training?

All professional drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training during a 5 year cycle; this training is known as periodic training and is continual professional development.

When do I have to complete my 35 hours by?

HGV licence holders with a driver cpc qualification card issued in 2014 are now required to complete the next set of 35 hours training before September 2019 to continue to drive professionally.

PCV drivers with a dcpc card issued in 2013 are now required to complete the next set of 35 hours before 2018.

For all professional drivers who passed after these dates you will have been issued with a Driver Qualification Card, this will have a 5 year expiry date.


One in three crashes involves a vehicle being driven for work. That’s 3 drivers injured or insurance claims every day.

One key way of helping to stop these accidents from happening is by sending company drivers of all types of vehicles on this course.

This course has been designed to increase driver’s awareness while out on the road. In many companies a single accident can be huge.

The course contents included will make drivers more aware of the causes and prevention of accidents.

Course Objectives

Participant will:

  • Have an increased knowledge of the causes and effects of accidents within transport
  • Specify the legal speed limits and road regulations
  • Explain the implications of emotions on the road
  • Demonstrate the techniques for managing events on the road
  • State the reasons for completing vehicle checks
  • Explain the process of a VOSA inspection
  • Describe the endorsements issued by VOSA

The 7 hour course is designed to improve efficiency and skill of the driver, improve their on road knowledge and raise awareness to reduce the risk of accidents.


The aim of this course is to give drivers an increased awareness of health and safety in the workplace and while driving.

Covers the importance of correct manual handling, drivers seating positions, workplace hazards, housekeeping, vulnerable road users and fuel saving.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

· Demonstrate the importance of safe manual handling techniques

· Increase the drivers awareness in health and safety · Encourage the need of environmental awareness

· Adopt a safe driving behaviour both on public roads and on site

This interactive 7 hour course will equip drivers with the knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of accidents while working and improve on fuel efficiency.


First aid is the immediate temporary care for the ill and injured, in this interactive 7 hour course you will learn how to deal with and treat causalities by preserving life, preventing worsening and promoting recovery.

You will learn how to deal with emergency situations safely and systematically. These tools can be used in everyday situations to help save people’s lives.

Course Objectives

Participants will cover:

Sudden collapse (breathing and non-breathing casualties, Dealing with blood loss, Minor Injuries, Burns, Chocking, Seizures and What to do in the event of an accident

The 7 hour course is designed to improve the confidence and skills of the driver when dealing with first aid. Improve their knowledge of first aid and raise awareness of the accident procedure


The aim of the course is to update all drivers on the laws surrounding driver’s hours and the use of tachographs.

All new commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are now fitted with digital tachograph equipment requiring a driver smart-card to operate the vehicle legally if driving professionally. All drivers will need to be familiar with both traditional analogue and digital systems.

They must be able to fully understand and integrate with them to avoid falling foul of the new regulations.

This interactive seven hour course will equip drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the integration of digital tachographs.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

State the driving regulations that govern transport

Explain the liabilities within transport

Demonstrate the use of analogue and digital.

Interpret the digital tachograph pictograms and understand their practical application

This 7 hour course is designed to improve the efficiency and skill of the driver and to update the ever changing regulations.


The aim of this course is to recognise and deliver excellent customer service every time.

This will help drivers understand the causes of complaints and what can be done to prevent them.

They will develop their skills to project a positive attitude and the right message for themselves & the company that they represent.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  • Recognise and deliver excellence to customers every time
  • Help understand what causes complaints and what can be done to prevent them
  • Develop skills to project a positive attitude and the right message for themselves & the company
  • Employ skills to handle difficult situations & people effectively without compromising the customer experience

This 7 hour course is designed to improve the efficiency and skills of the driver and keep a positive attitude during difficult situations.

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Our modern fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained, comfortable, easy to drive, and make licence acquisition a pleasure.

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Our fully qualified Instructors will ensure you receive quality tuition for all categories of training.

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Driver Training Centre is situated next door to the DVSA driving test centre at Hastings and provides easy access for any tests.Driver Training Centre has the resources and experience to deliver our customers requirements.