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The driver certificate of professional competence (driver CPC) is a new qualification for professional coach, bus and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and maintaining high standards within the transport industry.
All professional drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training during a 5 year cycle; this training is known as periodic training and is continual professional development.
For professional drivers who had their PCV licence before 10th September 2008 have until 9th September 2013 to complete their 35 hours.

For professional drivers who had their LGV licence before 10th September 2009 have until 9th September 2014 to complete their 35 hours.

For all professional drivers who passed after these dates you will have been issued with a DQC card and this will have a 5 year expiry date. For example if you passed your test on 14th January 2010 you will have until 13th January 2015 to complete your 35 hours periodic training.

The courses must be approved by JAUPT but you can attend any course of your choice. You can repeat a course if required.
The courses are a minimum of 7 hours not including lunch breaks.
After each 7 hour session Driver Training Centre will issue you with a certificate of attendance. We also have to register your details with the DVSA within 5 days of completing the course. On completion of the 35 hours you will be issued a DQC card (driver qualification card).
It is a legal requirement that you carry this card with you when you are driving professionally. Failure to produce your DQC card can result in a fine of up to £1000.
You will NOT be able to drive professionally for a living. If you are caught driving without the required training you will face legal action, fines of up to £1000 for the driver but also fines for their employers.
On the day of training you MUST bring your driving licence.
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Frequently asked questions about the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. We are always here to talk to you so please call us on 01424 432200 if you have any questions about Driver CPC.

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35 hours of Periodic Training is now required by all LGV & PCV drivers every five years to continue driving professionally.

Qualification Guide
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Get ‘Starter Pack’ from Driver Training Centre, this will include all info for the category of licence required.

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Medical required for LGV or PCV licence application.

These may be available from your own doctor who are now reluctant to do, or make an appointment with us, this is £50.00 for first provisional and are held weekly.

We hold large stocks of forms D2 and D4 required.

You can book and pay for your course in advance if required, you will then get FREE admission to our online Theory Test facility, which will give you all the questions and answers required and will prepare you for the theory tests in advance, whilst waiting for your licence to be issued by DVLA.

Obtain login details for your FREE ‘Online Theory Test Training’ from Driver
Training Centre.

When you receive your Licence with Provisional Entitlement, you can then Book your Theory Tests by Telephone: 0300 200 1122 or Online:

You will need:
a. Multiple Choice
b. Hazard Perception
c. Driver CPC Module 2 case studies

When you have passed the relevant theory tests, call our bookings hotline for fast track joining instructions. Tel: 01424 432200

Please remember to send us copies of any theory test papers as you receive them.

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