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HGV Drivers Walkaround Check

HGV Drivers Daily Walk Around Check

A pdf can be downloaded from the government portal but we have decided to put the steps here in case you need them.

In-Cab Checks

1.  Make sure you have good visibility through your cab windows and mirrors and that all required mirrors are fitted and adjusted as they should be.

2. Driver controls, seat and seatbelt adjusted correctly

3. Horn, windscreen wipers, screen washers and de-misters working correctly.

4. Tachograph. Check it is calibrated with the correct hours and your speed limiter plaque is displayed. 

5. Check all other instruments, gauges and other warning devices are functioning correctly including ABS/EBS in-cab warnings.

6. Check for air leaks / pressure drop warnings.

External Checks

7. Make sure the vehicle is square and not leaning to one side which can be a signal of overloading or an imbalanced load.

8. Tax and insurance / transport discs displayed and valid ( if applicable ). Also check that your number plates are clearly visible / free from grime and dirt.

9. Check that your wheels are in good condition and that your tyres including any spares are correctly inflated and have suitable tread depth. Also check all wheel nuts are in place and not loose.

10. Make sure all lights and reflectors / large vehicle markings are free from dirt and in good condition.

11. Check exhaust is secure with no excess noise and smoke.

12. Check air / electrical cables / connectors. Check they are fitted correctly including ABS / EBS cables.

13. Check vehicle access / drawbar couplings  / steps / catwalks are in good condition.

14. Make sure your vehicle body / wings / side and rear guards, curtains and straps / doors and tail lift are all in good condition and secure.

15. Fifth wheel checked / located / locked correctly and landing legs / handle in correct position.

16. Trailer park brake operating correctly.

17. Check that your air suspension is set correctly.

18. Engine oil, windscreen washers, water levels and fuel levels all checked. Also check for leaks.

Before leaving your depot

19. Check steering and brakes are operating correctly.

20. Check your loads are secured and that the ,old weight is distributed correctly

Checks on the road

Check your tachograph , speedometer and limiters are operating correctly 

Check your ABS/EBS warning lights are “not” illuminated.

If you don’t check your vehicle as required, you could face penalties, points on your licence, or even be taken off the road. There is no particular order to do these checks so work out your own reliable routine.

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