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HGV Driver – Working Hours

HGV drivers working hours are currently regulated by EU law and it is likely this will not change at all once we leave the EU. Working hours are strictly controlled, and for good reason as tiredness reduces your ability to concentrate on the road and as the old saying goes, “tiredness can kill” 

HGV / LGV drivers are driving vehicles which can do a great deal of harm to others and possibly yourself if mishandled or if you lose control while driving. Below are the basic rules about working hours and breaks that should be taken when driving an HGV / LGV vehicle.

Standard Working Hours & Breaks

A standard working day over a 24hr period when driving HGV/LGV vehicles is.

4.5hrs driving, 

45minute break then another 

4.5hrs driving


Split Breaks

Please note it is very important to take split breaks in this order as drivers must take a 15 minute break as their first break not a 30 minute break followed by a 15 minute break later.

2hrs Driving

15 Minute Break

2hrs driving

30 minute break

4.5hrs driving

Your weekly limits as an HGV/LGV Driver

Drivers are only allowed to work a 10 hour day twice a week and can only ever work a total of maximum of 56 hours over a week.

To add to that you are only allowed to work 90 hrs over two consecutive weeks so this means if you work 56hrs in your first week your second must only be a maximum of 34hrs.

Your pattern of weekly hours would look something like this

Week 1 = 24hrs, Week 2 = 56hrs, Week 3= 34hrs

Other Work

Please also note that you cannot carry out any “other work” during your daily rest periods. You need to take a minimum of 11 hours daily rest per day.  Any other work you do outside of driving cannot happen during this time.


A minimum of 9 hours of daily rest may be taken. This is called reduced rest. In any single week, you can only take three days of reduced rest, and the other two days must be full 11-hour rests. Any other work you do outside of driving cannot happen during this time.

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