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Horsebox Driver Training

If you are transporting horses, at the very least you will need a Category B+E licence. The DVLA see small horseboxes as regular trailers towing a house tent or when moving garden waste to the tip. Most recreational horse owners will use a horsebox that falls into the B+E category. Click here to book B+E training we are always running courses.

Horse Transport in Larger Vehicles Above 3.5 Tonnes

It is entirely up to you how you transport your horses, if you have more than two then often horse owners will opt for a larger vehicle between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes that falls under the HGV/LGV Cat C1 Licence requirements. Click here to read more about Cat C1 licence training and booking information. Licence training can be completed in just 4 days.

Rarely owners who transport horses might want to use a vehicle above 7.5 tonnes, if this is the case then a Cat C licence is required. Note that a Cat C licence also gives you your Cat C1 so you can drive any rigid body vehicle from 7.5tonnes up to 32 tonnes.

When You Need Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Please note that if you are driving professionally transporting horses you will need a Driver CPC. This applies to all drivers operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes if driving professionally.  It does not apply if you use your vehicle for transporting your personal horses.

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