Bus services around the UK are set to see problems impacted by driver shortages as drivers leave to join the HGV industry. It is currently estimated that there are currently 4000+ vacancies for UK bus and coach drivers.

Some services have already been cancelled due to a lack of drivers. The bus driver sector sees high turnovers of staff but we have recently seen more and more operators announcing service disruption due to driver shortages.

To cover the driver loss operators are offering extra hours to drivers, however drivers are already complaining that there is now increasing pressure to take on more work and fill the gaps.

It is clear there needs to be new incentives such as cash bonuses to prevent bus drivers from leaving their jobs and joining the HGV sector for better pay. All of this still goes back to the HGV driver shortage and is a knock on effect.

Throwing money at the problem isn’t the answer either, there are a number of reasons people are leaving the HGV and Bus Driving industry and this is partly to do with long, unsociable hours and poor working conditions with a lack of even basic facilities such as toilet facilities and washing facilities.

The bus driver shortage is quickly becoming a national problem.